Industry experience:
15 years
Current location:
Denver, CO

BFA (Bowling Green State University)
Interactive Multimedia
London, England

US and UK


I took interest in both art and mathematics at a young age. My attraction to these seemingly contrasting disciplines flourished throughout my educational career, culminating in my first university "Interactive Multimedia" class. There I excitedly found an outlet for both; my success depended on a keen eye for graphic design as well as an analytical mind for the intense programming involved.

After committing to my chosen specialization, I was hand-picked to join my professor's business, CreativeMyndz. This company designed and developed interactive CD-ROMs to be distributed with thousands of McGraw-Hill's Higher Learning art education textbooks. I elected to stay on at the company after graduation, and was promoted Senior Designer and Developer, where I served as my former professor's second-in-command.

Looking for a change of scenery, and the ability to expand my freelance opportunities, I relocated to Denver after approximately four years with CreativeMyndz. There I was hired as a designer/programmer at eTrinsic, Inc., an e-learning company that delivered medical training courseware for physicians and marketing departments. In 2008, I was named Graphic Production Manager, and lead the Flash/graphics team through one of the busiest periods in company history.

In late 2010, the core eTrinsic group reformed as MEDamorphis, LLC, at which I became Creative Director. This new venture expanded on the original e-learning offerings to include mobile solutions as well.

In January 2013, I formed Dan Paul, LLC, as a way to unite my diverse client-base under one creative umbrella. I continue to offer all my clients, prospective and existing, the same exceptional quality web and e-learning services.

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